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  • Dryers are made of Finned Tubes with steam or process water flowing through these tubes.
  • Dryers are used to remove moisture from food grains, cashew, chemical solidification, etc.
  • Many of the time, process water heat is utilized to Dry these product i.e. utilizing heat.

Types :
  • Header and Footer Type
  • Pipe Construction
Material of Construction :
  • Tubes: S S 316, M.S, Aluminium (20 to 16 BWG)
  • Fins : Aluminum, M.S.
  • Outer Body: M.S
Application :
  • Food Processing Industries like Rice Bran, Cashew Processing, Wood Drying, etc.
  • Chemical Industries like Paper & Pulp, Alumina extraction, KCl2 drying etc.
  • We have successfully provided Dryers to many Industries for above applications.